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What Textbooks Do You Normally Recommend? How Can I Quickly Acquire Enough Copies, and at a Discount?

When designating a book for use in testing, you can designate the whole book or just certain relevantly linked chapters, making it easier to designate what your officers will need to study from one, two or more textbooks. We also offer attorney-written legal exams for agency testing from national or state titles.

We can have our attorney write an exam from any legal guidelines or case law titles etc. your agency uses.

We offer low cost through our partnership with Prentice Hall / Pearson Group where you can custom print only the chapter modules you need from one or more textbooks, and keep the printed books for longer-term future testing.

Your agency saves from 40 - 60%+ off the cost of regular textbooks. If your agency will be testing from the same book or book combination in the future, this is highly cost-effective because you will own and be able to re-use these custom printed books for as long as needed.

You can use our links to Prentice Hall or Delmar / Cengage or other publishers to buy these textbooks direct and at a discount. For large quantities (10 or more) or if paying by P.O. contact the publisher's representative directly;

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Another option for your agency to save on the cost of textbooks is CourseSmart which rents eBooks that your candidates can use to study online. If your agency only tests once every few years, this option could be the best value.

Below are the most-used, valid, job-related, legally defensible and most successful police promotion textbooks used today. They successfully cover all ranks, from Corporal to Chief. If you don't know which book might be best for your agency testing, contact us and we can discuss all the police promotional textbooks that our experts and those in other police agencies highly recommend.

Before you choose any non-police titles for testing, such as "trendy" leadership or business titles not specifically written for law enforcement use, remember that job-relatedness and validity are very important topics to consider so that your agency's exams will be 100% legally defensible.

If you are an individual looking for personal coaching and written police promotional exams you can take online, you would be more interested in visiting our site for police promotional exams and assessments for individuals and Legal Exam Preparation for Officers.

Recommended Police Promotional Textbooks: We have experience writing comprehensive and thorough exams for all these great textbooks. We consider the authors and the texbooks to be the best in the field.

Basic Handbook of Police Supervision: A Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Supervisors - Gerald W. Garner

Challenging the Law Enforcement Organization: Proactive Leadership Strategies - Dr. Jack Enter

Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing - Delattre

Common Sense Police Supervision - Practical Tips for the First-Line Leader -
 Gerald W. Garner

Community Policing a Contemporary Perspective - Kappeler and Gaines

Community Policing Today: Issues, Controversies and Innovations - 1st Edition - Parsons

Community Policing and Problem Solving - Strategies and Practices - Peak and Glensor - Prentice Hall

Community Policing: Partnerships for Problem Solving - Delmar / Cengage

Criminal Investigation - Hess - Delmar / Cengage

Criminal Investigation - Lyman / Pearson

Criminal Investigation - Swanson / McGraw Hill

Criminal Investigation - Basic Perspectives, Lushbaugh and Weston.

Criminal Investigation - The Art and The Science - Lyman

Continued ....

Textbook list (continued)

Effective Police Leadership - Baker

Effective Police Supervision - More and Miller

Effective Supervisory Practices - Better Results Through Teamwork - ICMA

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement: A Guide for Officers and Their Families

Essentials of the Reid Technique - Criminal Interrogation and Confessions

For the Record - Report Writing in Law Enforcement - Hess and Orthmann

Intelligence-Led Policing - Ratcliffe

Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice  - Hess - Wadsworth Publishing

Law Enforcement Management - What Works and What Doesn't - Carpenter and Fulton

Leadership and Management in Police Organizations - Giblin 1E

Leadership, Ethics and Policing - Challenges for the 21st Century - Meese - Prentice Hall

Leading Cops in Turbulent Times 1E by Capt. (ret) George Saadeh.

Local Government Police Management - ICMA Press

Managing and Leading Today's Police: Challenges, Best Practices, Case Studies  - Peak

Management and Supervision in Law Enforcement - Hess - Delmar / Cengage

Management and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel - Schroeder and Lombardo

Managing Police Organizations - Whisenand - Prentice Hall

Managing Police Operations - Implementing the NYPD Crime Control Model Using COMPSTAT McDonald

Multicultural Law Enforcement - Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society - Shusta and Levine - Prentice Hall

National Incident Management System NIMS 2008 - Dept of Homeland Security

New World of Police Accountability (The) by Walker.

O'Hara's Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation

Organizational Behavior and Management in Law Enforcement - More - Prentice Hall

Paradoxes of Leadership in Police Management - Perez - Delmar / Cengage

Performance Based Management for Police Organizations - O'Connell 

Police Administration - a Leadership Approach - Ortmeier and Davis

Police Administration - Cordner

Police Administration - Gaines

Police Administration - Wilson, Fyfe, Greene, and Walsh

Police Administration; Structures, Processes and Behaviors - Swanson and Territo and Taylor - Prentice Hall

Police Community Relations and the Administration of Justice - Prentice Hall

Police Ethics - a Matter of Character - Perez - Delmar / Cengage

Police Ethics - The Corruption of Noble Cause - Caldero

Police Field Operations - Adams - Prentice Hall

Police Field Operations - Theory Meets Practice - Michael Birzer

Police Leadership - Organizational and Managerial Decision Making Process - Haberfeld - Prentice Hall

Police Management - Roberg

Police Patrol Operations and Management - Prentice Hall

Police Supervision and Management in an Era of Community Policing - Peak - Prentice Hall

Proactive Police Management - Lynch - Prentice Hall

Problem Oriented Policing - Goldstein

Reducing Crime - A Companion for Police Leaders - by Jerry Ratcliffe

Rising Through the Ranks - by Mike Wynn

Stratified Policing - An Organizational Model for Proactive Crime Reduction and Accountability - by Roberto and Rachel Santos

Supervising Police Personnel - Whisenand - Prentice Hall

Supervision of Police Personnel - Iannone - Prentice Hall

The New World of Police Accountability by Walker.

The Police Manager - Green

The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing - Final Report - 2015

Why Law Enforcement Organizations Fail - O'Hara - Carolina Academic Press

Workplace Gold - Strategies for Improving Employee Morale, Accountability, and Performance

Attorney Written Legal Exam Questions

We offer something that most other companies do not - we have our attorney write and validate all legal questions on your exams - there is no better protection available to ensure legal exactness and sufficiency.

Our attorney will write the exam questions from the legal textbooks on the national and state level, or your local city or county ordinances.

Here are just a few of the national and state legal exams your agency may be interested in;

The Law Officer's Pocket Manual - current annual edition

Briefs of Leading Cases in Law Enforcement
Legal Guide for Police - Constitutional Issues

Arizona Officers Legal Source Book - the Peace Officer's Bible

California Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook & California Codes

Connecticut Law Enforcement Officers' Field Manual - "The Red Book"

The Florida Law Enforcement Handbook

Illinois Officers Legal Source Book - the Peace Officer's Bible

Michigan Criminal Law and Procedure: A Manual for Michigan Police Officers

Pennsylvania Legal Exams - Crimes Code of Pennsylvania 2016 Edition AND Criminal Law Digest of Pennsylvania 2016 Edition

Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Manual

Kendall Hunt Publishers
Michigan Criminal Law and Procedure and other police titles.
Bob Largent
(563) 589-1049

CourtSmart Publications
Law Enforcement Training, LLC