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Our Focus in Writing Your Department's Promotion Exams and Assessment Center Exercises

We offer low cost and legally defensible written exams and assessment center services, and we specialize in quick delivery of written promotion exams, in-basket and other exercises that are also customized to your agency. Nothing is off-the-shelf. No questions are ever re-used for your promotion exams.

We have an attorney to write and review police promotion test questions from all legal source books and guidelines.

Our clients are typically small to medium (under 100 sworn personnel) law enforcement agencies without an established promotion list. When an unexpected opening occurs in the supervisory or management ranks, small agencies need to move quick to fill the position. We are the ones to fill that need.

Prices are very reasonable, geared to small agency budgets. A custom textbook exam written for your agency can cost just $3,975.

Questions we receive most often:
How much time is needed?
What are the costs?
What material do we have to send to you?
Where do I send an RFP?
We need to get going right away, what do we do first?

Our Answers: We will create your custom, written police promotional exams from scratch, we do not re-use questions from any prior exams. For this reason at least 60 days is needed.

We will need your agency to furnish 2 (two) copies of your policy manual, legal guidelines, SOPs, etc - along with any copies of relevant and recent job descriptions and skills analysis available. Even if you only choose to give a textbook exam and not draw questions from these items, we still need them in order to write questions that can be validated to the position in your agency.

We will also need access to 2 (two) department experts in the position being tested for, one who is currently holding or has held the rank or position, and one who is supervising or has supervised that rank or position. This should not normally be the same person, except for very small agencies.

Costs For Written Agency Promotion Exams

The cost of your completely custom written exam is computed as follows;

100 question exam, textbook(s) only, 10 candidates or fewer - $3,975.
100 question exam, textbook(s) and department policy, legal guidelines, etc.
10 candidates or fewer - $5,400.
150 question exam, textbook(s) and department policy, legal guidelines, etc.
10 candidates or fewer - $6,900.
200 question exam, textbook(s) and department policy, legal guidelines, etc.
10 candidates or fewer - $8,600.
Same as above, from 11 - 30 candidates taking exam, add $90.00 per candidate. For over 30 candidates taking exam, or further information or any special circumstances, call us for special pricing.

Because each of our police agency promotion exams are custom written, not "off the shelf," none of the questions you receive will be duplicated in any future exam given by your agency.

Please email any PDF or Word formatted RFP to this email address, please do not change the subject line; RFP for Police Promotional Processes.

Trying to decide which textbook to use for a police promotion exam? Speak to the experts!

We've written thousands of questions from hundreds of textbooks, policy and procedure manuals and legal guidelines - write or call us today for advice and information - Contact Us

We'll discuss your department's goals and you'll decide which textbook is best!

Review our extensive list of recommended police promotional textbooks.

How To Get Started on Your Agency's Promotion Process

A fantastic guide for small police agencies and promotional testing can be found in a Police Chief magazine article, "A Promotional Process for the Smaller Police Agency."

We agree with and endorse the procedures and objectives outlined in this article wholeheartedly, and comply with the requirements and objectives shown for written exams, oral boards and assessment center testing.

Before you choose any non-police titles for testing, such as "trendy" leadership or business titles not specifically written for law enforcement use, remember that job-relatedness and content validity are extremely important topics to consider so that your agency's exams will be 100% legally defensible.

We believe in using only long-proven textbooks from well established law enforcement supervision and management experts to create the custom exams for your department.

We work with our own experienced staff, and Subject Matter Experts (SME) from your agency to analyze and understand the rank and position requirements, then depending on your needs we will write anywhere from 50 - 200 job-specific and content-valid questions.

With our custom exams, unlike using typical "off-the-shelf" multiple choice exams, you will not be testing study habits, memorization and test-taking skills, but will be testing for acquired knowledge and the ability to apply it in specific circumstances.

Our exams help determine the candidates who understand and can apply the important concepts most important to the position - making the exam very content-valid and job related and highly legally defensible.

When the entire promotional process is complete, you will have a clear understanding of each candidate's strengths, weaknesses, decision-making ability and knowledge of the most important concepts that relate directly to being successful in the new position.

Attorney Written Legal Exam Questions

There is no better judge of knowledge for law enforcement supervision than legal exam questions from your local and state laws and ordinances.

Much of what a supervisor does is to determine if the officers under his or her command are acting lawfully.

That is why we offer something that most other companies do not - we will have our attorney write and validate all legal questions on your exams - there is no better protection available to ensure legal exactness and sufficiency.