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*Or …. How to ACE your promotional textbook exams using the ONE, BEST, PROVEN method for SCORING YOUR HIGHEST!




Lt. Paul Patti (ret)
*(This is a legacy page from 1995 we keep active because so many people have told us they have used the information to help them get promoted!) is the page to visit for our current testing system.



YES! There definitely IS one “best way” to study for a police promotional exam based on one or more police supervision, management, leadership and/or administration textbooks! I can't believe I'm going to just blurt it out for you here, but I will! Keep reading.


Of the thousands of candidates that test for police promotional positions each year, possibly 5% of them use this method, and if my 28 years of law enforcement experience is any guide, they almost always come out ON TOP – scoring the HIGHEST on their police department promotional exams.


I personally used the study method I’m about to reveal to you twice, once for my promotion to Sergeant and then for my promotion to Lieutenant. When I took both department promotional exams after using this study method,  I ACED both tests with scores in the high 90's - and came out ON TOP – with the HIGHEST written test score - EACH TIME – and was the FIRST to be PROMOTED – EACH TIME!


Obviously, I was impressed. I kept the study system a closely-guarded secret between myself and a few of my police department friends for a very long time. But, when I started my police entry-level and promotional counseling and testing business in 1985, I revealed the secret to my new promotional testing clients. For 30+ years, the results have been nothing short of amazing.


In all that time, we've counseled THOUSANDS of candidates from police agencies across the country, and revealed this method of study to them so they would NOT JUST PASS but would ACE their promotional tests! These clients have told us about test scores in the MID TO HIGH 90’s, much higher than they thought they could achieve, and, occasionally, some even reported back a PERFECT score!


So, after so many years and so many successful clients, I can say with confidence that there is NO DOUBT that a great many law enforcement promotional candidates have used this system with great success. Others, never really knowing about this great method, trudge along reading the textbook over and over, highlighting certain passages, rereading some of the material again and again, and then walk in to take the exam … and barely pass … or even FAIL. To be sure, sometimes a person can make a great score WITHOUT using this method, but WITH this method of study, a promotional candidate almost always ACES the test – and comes out ON TOP – and GETS THE PROMOTION!


What I'm about to tell you isn't a trick or a gimmick. And, it's not easy - in fact it's pretty hard. But, it DOES work. It's not a “trick” like having your spouse read to you from the study guide or highlighted sections in the textbook, or going to group study classes, or trying hypnosis sessions, or taping yourself reading the material and then listening to it over and over again, or reading whole books about “how to take multiple choice tests” that will tell you about how to first eliminate the least likely answers, blah … blah … blah.


No - it's none of that. Some of these techniques might be useful, and it’s not my place to tell you not to use them. But, it’s time I introduce you to the once-secret method that will give you a solid chance to SCORE YOUR HIGHEST – and COME OUT ON TOP!


The method is very simple and uncomplicated. All you have to do is …


Take a real promotional exam from the same textbook, in advance, over and over again, using MORE QUESTIONS and HARDER QUESTIONS than you will face on your "real" department exam.


YES! It IS that simple!


Then you just need to read the textbook, highlight material you remember from the exam along with what YOU think would be a good test question, and then take the exam over and over again, referring back to the sections where you got a question wrong and missed the material. Keep reading the textbook, and also the material you missed and taking the test over and over and over again until you have a perfect … or nearly perfect … score each time.


Here is our Study System - "ACE Your Written Promotional Exam - Follow These 10 Steps to Written Exam Mastery!" - in PDF format - click this secure link.


BUT ... You Need to BEWARE!  


Here's a WARNING: The test can’t just be “any” test that someone quickly slaps together. It has to meet the below 12 criteria to be useful to you and get you that promotion;


1.    It should be written by someone VERY CAREFULLY so as to be sure that material is being covered from all sections of the textbook.


2.    The person writing the exam should check, double check, and then TRIPLE CHECK the test for accuracy, readability, spelling and grammar.


3.    The exam should be a minimum of 100 questions for very short textbooks – but for the larger textbooks there should be 200 – 500+ questions to cover ALL THE MATERIAL.



4.    The test should be MORE DIFFICULT than the written exam you will take for the position at your law enforcement agency. You must MASTER the book, not just memorize a few key concepts. Otherwise, you won’t score your highest on the "actual" exam!


5.    There should be MORE CHOICES for answers than in a typical multiple choice exam – not just 3 or 4 possible responses – but 5, 6, 7 or even 8 possible responses! This assures that, as in #4 above, the test is MORE DIFFICULT!


6.    NO DETAIL is TOO SMALL. The test questions SHOULD cover the “minutia” and not just the “big topics.”


7.    The answers to the test questions SHOULD NOT BE OBVIOUS! All the possible responses, correct and incorrect, should be similar, based on the same general material, all make sense grammatically, and the correct answer SHOULD NOT frequently be “All of the above” or “None of the above.”


8.    The exam should be COMPUTERIZED so you can take it quickly, over and over again, and as often as possible. Otherwise, you would have to wait for the test to be printed or copied, and then hand graded to learn your score.


9.    The computer should score your correct and incorrect responses INSTANTLY after you finish the exam and send them to you along with the PAGE NUMBER in the textbook where the material for the question appeared, so you can quickly print out all your correct and incorrect responses and refer back to the textbook for further follow-up study on all the questions you missed.


10.               The computer MUST RANDOMIZE THE QUESTIONS each time you take the test so you are not taking them in any particular order. When you can take and score your highest on an exam over and over again with the material in random order, you’ve done MORE than just memorize the material – you’ve MASTERED IT!


11.               The computer must KEEP TRACK OF and GRAPH your scores – so if you take the test 10 or 20 times – you should be able to see a steady increase each time!


There’s a lot of material covered here, so be sure you go over the above criteria again and again, very carefully. If you have the time, resources and ability to create and use this complicated but very worthwhile promotional testing and study system, you will have given yourself a TREMENDOUS ADVANTAGE over the other, less prepared candidates!


However, if you don’t have the time or resources to set up this complicated system – that’s OK – because we have the above promotional testing and study system all set up and ready for you – with thousands of questions from all the major police supervision, management, leadership and administration textbooks in use today!


Visit our Police Promotional Testing Course at to learn which police promotional textbooks are covered (we have 80+) and sign up for our computer testing and study system – TODAYBEFORE it’s TOO LATE to FULLY PREPARE and MASTER THE MATERIAL!


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Lt. Paul Patti (ret)

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